Saturday, 20 October 2012

"But aren't diamonds a girls best friend?" He questioned

Sorry about no posts the past few days, but if you saw how much coursework I had to catch up on you would understand. Also, the fact that I've had full days at college and then work straight after until late does not help.

You know how I was mentioning I wanted to see Frankenweenie and ParaNorman? Well... no you didn't guess it, I did not in fact go see them. I got 'forced' into watching sinister. Remind me to never watch a horror at the cinemas again. I ended up playing bubblemania on my phone for the whole 1 hour 50 minutes, if you do not have bubblemania go download it now, you're missing out!

On Monday I was super happy though. I've been wanting the Kaboodle shoes from Topshop for so long but £62 is a little too much for someone like me. But anyway I was sitting in Costa when I got an email from Topshop telling me they had a sale(you know where this is going). I wasn't very hopeful because Topshop sales are either all the stuff nobody wants or all the stuff people want but they are already out of stock in the average sizes. Anyway, to my surprise my babies were on sale for £30, and luckily I had saved £25 and my parents were willing to pay for the remaining £5 and the P+P. So here they are...

They're so perfect! I got the red ones because most of my shoes are black and they look like dorothy shoes from the wizard of oz(I did really want white but my mum said no because I would get them dirty as soon as I stepped out of the house). I wore them round the house all day yesterday when I got them and then wore them to Sainsbury's, where I forgot to buy squirty cream and marshmallows for my hot chocolates:'(. I can tell you that they are super comfortable and they are just so cute. They are true to size, I'm usually a 5 1/2 if I want a perfect fit, but dabble between 5's and 6's at the high street where there are no half sizes. So I bought a size 6 and they are a tiny bit too big but I just tighten the strap as much as possible and they don't slip off at all. They're really versatile, I can think of a million outfits for these and they look very festive too which is great because 65 days till Christmas! I'll probably do some outfits with these because I really am in love with them.

So that's all, hopefully I'm back daily now :D
"Au Revoir" smiled the nameless blogger.


  1. They are so cute and perfect! They are going on my wishlist! They remind me of the Dr Martens Mary Shoe :)
    Maybe you could check out my blog and follow me? I've followed you x

    1. Same, I've wanted the Dr Marten ones for ages but I already splashed out on their boots last year so these were a cheaper alternative :D I've followed you too :) xx