Wednesday, 10 October 2012

"Not again" she sighed

Homework, homework, homework! It covers my room along with my floordrobe. I will always find something else to do as long as it stops me from doing my homework up until the last minute. That something else is usually something very unproductive such as watching youtube videos or reading magazines. I'm a very bad example as I haven't handed in a piece of homework on time for a few years now. However there is one thing that can usually focus me on doing homework and that is music because music makes what you're doing more enjoyable. So here are a few songs which are in my aptly named 'homework playlist'.

The Joy Formidbale - Whirring

Two Door Cinema Club - Sleep Alone
But really you can listen to anything by TDCC because they're amazing

The Cads - Lanterns

I listen to lots of 'genres' of music but I think everyone should like these songs. I'll do a list of my 50 most listened to songs one day, when I can be bothered but for now I hope you enjoyed these.

I have my first shift at work tomorrow, I have a Christmas temp job at Boots! It's from 6-9pm so hopefully I'll still be able to post something. So, I guess I should be off to do my homework now. 

"Goodbye" yawns the nameless blogger


  1. helloooo!
    i'm laura, your first follower! how exciting hey?!
    i'm new to blogging too, i only started a couple of months ago so i figured i'd say hi because its nice to talk to someone in the same boat!
    i love your background- so cute!
    anyway, i hope you'll pop over for a chat, it'd be great to hear from you!
    laura x

  2. Hello! Thank you for the follow :D The background is from an anime movie called 'my neighbour totoro' it's a children's movie but it's so cute, you should watch it if you haven't! I love your blog, shall definitely be following you as soon as I get on the computer!
    Thanks again :) xx

  3. I bloody love Two Door Cinema Club.
    I went to see them a couple of years ago, and I came out so bruised!
    Wow, was it really two years ago... utter madness.

    Anyway, thank you for following my blog!

    Charlotte xo

    1. I go see them every year, they're the best!! :D It is pretty crazy though, especially because I was near the front and that's where everyone just thinks it's acceptable to practically beat you up hehe. No problemo, and thanks for following back xxx