Monday, 22 October 2012

"Going so soon?" She asked with a sunken face

I can't wait to move out! Not because I hate my parents or anything, but I seriously want to decorate a room, apartment or house. I keep seeing really cute stuff and I just want to buy it all but my room is full up with stuff and I just have no space. So I thought I should decorate my blog with the stuff and post about it.

First of all is this limited edition Mulan print. I love love love it. If it's Disney it's perfect, sadly the £50 price tag is not so perfect for my funds. They do most of the other princesses too but I just really like the colours on this one!

From Paperchase these low voltage lights, I have quite a few fairy lights and lamps in my room. These being low voltage are great because they obviously won't use as much energy, and when your someone like me and have lights on all the time this can save quite a bit of money. And don't fairy lights remind you of Christmas?

Bed covers can give a room a completely different look, I especially like to put them on when they've been freshly washed and they just make your whole room smell of washing powder. These are the lyckoax ones from where I would like to live(Ikea).

I'm obsessed with storage. Don't even get me started on how many boxes I own and half of them are empty, they're just there to look nice. But they're just so pretty and whenever your room is a mess, chuck all of your stuff into a box and voila mess be gone. These are just a random set I found on google images but I'm 99% sure that if you go to your local tkmaxx they'll have a ton of boxes and sometimes they have really cool ones that are like books. I can't link you to them sadly because they don't have a proper online website but you should definitely give them a visit.

Finally, in the land of 'I'm so British I have to drink tea all the time' a good mug and cookie jar is vital! We're back to square one on this one, the Disney store! Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie jar, Tangled/Rapunzel mug, Marie mug and Evil Queen(Snow White) mug. But if you don't want to pay the £8 price tag on some of the mugs a hint is to root around charity shops because I've found a few for the grand price of 50p.

I hope you don't mind this kind of random post about homeware things but I've seen a few people post about decorating their uni flats so I thought I'd post what I will most likely buy in the future when I go to uni.

"Buona notte!" Says the nameless blogger.


  1. This is such a cute post! I remember when I was so excited to live on my own in college too (I feel so old now :P); those mugs are adorable.


  2. Thank you :D I know, if I was a millionaire I would just have to buy the whole of the Disney Store because I'm still a 5 year old at heart. By the way I love your clothes/what you wear, you seem to be able to pull everything off x) xx