Wednesday, 31 October 2012

"Of corpse I'm okay" She cackled

Happy Halloween guys! Although I'm not that excited because I already celebrated and dressed up on Monday. I haven't posted in a while *hides face in shame* and I've just wiped off a layer of dust from my laptop(no exaggeration). I'm not going to ramble an excuse for the rest of this post but one word will sum it all up: coursework!

Anyway I've been tagged to do the 'Blogger tag' by Klaudia/styleitwithme, she does some amazing DIY's so you should check her out!  So the rules are:
  1. Each person tagged must post 11 random facts about themselves
  2. They must answer the 11 questions posted by the previous blogger
  3. They must create 11 more questions to ask their tagged bloggers
  4. They must tag 11 blogs with less than 200 followers
  5. The bloggers must be told
  6. No tag backs

I like the sound of this tag because obviously I'm quite new to the blogger world so now you can find some stuff out about me! Lets get started then...

11 random facts about me
  1. I work at Boots as a Christmas temp
  2. I used to be overly obsessed with anime(Japanese cartoons)
  3. I check the Topshop "New In This Week" section every single day but never buy anything from there unless it's on sale
  4. I regret all the GCSE subjects I picked to do: Geography, Drama and Child Development. Word of advice, don't pick subjects just because your friends are doing them because you will hate them and it could stop you from doing what you really want to do when you're picking your A levels
  5. Every year I tell myself I'll get a planner/diary so I can be more organised but that never happens
  6. I love watching old movies especially 60's ones
  7. I speak Croatian fluently because both my parents are Croatian but then I have a normal British accent so no one ever believes I can and then I have to prove it
  8. I love spinach, courgettes and avocado(not together obviously)
  9. I've had lots of hair colours, brown, brown with blonde higlights, brown with blue highlights(an accident of course), "chocolate brown" which turned out black, purple, red, pink, peach, blonde and now it's dark blonde although I'm going back pink when I finish with my job
  10. I have this weird thing where I can't wash spoons when doing the washing up
  11. I'm allergic to baby oil
Klaudia's 11 questions
  1. Are you a saver or a spender? I like to save for a few weeks and then go and spend it all, but I'd definitely rather save than spend.
  2. Blackberry or iPhone? iPhone definitely, I smashed the screen on mine a couple of days ago :'( luckily it still works.
  3. Favourite magazine? Company magazine, decent price and amazing content!
  4. What's your hobby? I'm quite ashamed to say I don't really have one, I like reading, if that's a hobby.
  5. What do you usually eat for breakfast? Nothing haha. Mostly because I don't have time before college and don't want to wake up any earlier than I already do, because I'm so used to not eating breakfast so it doesn't really bother me or because I wake up late at weekends so I simply miss breakfast time. But if I really do need some energy, I'll have a cup of tea with about 4 sugars(I'm a sweet person) or coco pops/krave cereal.
  6. What country would you like to visit? I'd love to visit Japan for a city holiday or Thailand for a beach holiday.
  7. What's your favourite fruit or vegetable? I think it would have to be melon.
  8. Do you prefer writing in pen or pencil? Pencil, apart from when they break.
  9. What holiday you went on was your favourite? Greece is my favourite place I've been to for hotels and beaches. However, I enjoyed myself more when I went to Turkey because we went with my whole family and I have no brothers or sisters so at least I had my cousins there for company.
  10. Facebook or Twitter? Twitter, I deleted Facebook because 80% of my 'friends' on there were idiots
  11. Is your bedroom currently messy or tidy? Tidy! But for the first time in ages and only because my mum pulled out the 'your not going to your friend's party unless you clean your room' card.
My 11 questions for you!
  1. What's your favourite item of clothing you own?
  2. Do you have any obsessions, if so what are they?
  3. What's your favourite Disney movie?
  4. What's your favourite chocolate bar?
  5. What subjects do you do/did you do at college or sixth form?
  6. Cats or dogs?
  7. Where would you ultimately like to live?
  8. What did you last have to eat/drink?
  9. What's the best book you've ever read?
  10. Mcdonalds or KFC?
  11. Would you rather live a year without your laptop or without your phone?

I tag
  1. she has a bit more than 200 followers but I really like her blog
And I tag anyone else with less than 200 followers and if you do decide to do it tell me so that I can take a look at your blog and give you a follow because I like finding new blogs!

"Goodbye for now" said the nameless blogger.


  1. tell me about it ha i always try and blog and next thing you know i haven't touched my blog in like 3 months...oops haha

    i do love halloween but tbh think the whole dressing up/shopping for the outfit is the best part!

    looking forward to your next post!

    Natali xox

    1. Yeah haha, I always blame it on coursework but truth is I'm just lazy sometimes. You should definitely carry on posting though because I've just checked out your blog and it's great :D xxx

  2. I just did this too!
    I like your blog!
    Check out mine sometime if you want xx

    1. I'll take a look at your tag now, it's a nice way to get to know the blogger :D Also, I'm really tempted to buy those eos lipbalms now because they're really cute xxx

  3. Hey gorgeous, I am currently having a giveaway over on my blog at the moment, I would love for you to check it out :)
    Punky Pugs Beauty products Giveaway

  4. I hope you win this reward!!!

    Welcome to my blog

  5. This is awesome! I'm Croatian and I wish I could live in UK. You are so lucky. I would really like to write something in Croatian now but I have no idea what hahah :)x